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[474]Revolutionxpk[PVP] and [525]Revolutionxpk[ECO]

posted Oct 25, 2010 22:43:40 by RevolutionxPk
Server Name: RevolutionxPk
Owners: Allen,Bwuk
Credits: Savannah
Version: V4.0
Info: Over 500+online
New Economy world[525] Pvp world[474]
Updates all the time. Tons of pvp items (down below)

Webclient link: Click here

Download link: Click here

For more info Click here for Forums and/or Click here for Homepage

Stuff We Have

Full GodWars Dungeon (Animated bosses AND drops!)
Custom Donator zone
A custom dungeon (all dragons)
Pest Control, Duel Arena, Tzhaar Cave, Gwd, KBD, and more!
Normal Magic, Lunar, Ancient
Quest tab is info spot
All skills working
God Sword with Stances and Specials
Dragon Claws with working Special(4hits)
Working Equipment Screen
Xplock and unlock
Pvp World- spawnable and setlevel
Eco World- (under construction)

Cool Customs Like-
Full Statius,Full Vesta's,Full Zurials,Full Morrigans,Slayer Helm,
Full Bandos,Dragon Platebody,Dragon Claws,Staff Of Light,and All Spirit Shields (Spirit,Spectral,Elysian,Arcane,Divine)
All Godswords (Armadyl,Bandos,Zamorak,Saradomin)
All Prayers including Turmoil

Recent news with new site-

Guys, We need votes to re-gain our huge ammount of players.

Voting for us will get us;

- More updates such as chaotic weapons
- More players = more fun
- More donations = better technicall stuff = less lagg, And world 2 economy FASTER
- Vote4cash economy (Under construction)
- Double RevolutionX points

The next double RevolutionX points will be released at an ammount of 2000 votes.
Slayer will also include this time, And the double rxp will expire after 7,5 hours.
There will be new custom weapons in the future, Which will require an high ammount of rxp.

How to vote;

Simple go to those links;

click here to vote at runelocus

click here to vote at mmorpg

Or type ::vote ingame and they will simple popup

Some other news;

Staff list has been added, The donation page has also been updated.
A few changes to our home page.
A fresh new theme has been added.
Webclient issues has been fixed.

Picture Time!

Armadly Godsword

Bandos Godsword

Saradomin Godsword

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RevolutionxPk said Nov 01, 2010 22:25:29

Custom items

Info Tab


Dragon Claws

Full Statius

Full Vesta

Slayer Helm

Staff Of Light

Spirit Shields






Wep Specs:

Armadly Godsword

Bandos Godsword

Saradomin Godsword

Zamorak Godsword

Saradomin Sword

Dragon Claws

Dragon Dagger (s)

84% Savannah
5% Omfg Maxed aka So Damn Evil
5% Beatz
6% Ranger

Armadly Godsword

Bandos Godsword

Saradomin Godsword

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